Monday, 11 March 2013


This blog is meant to be a collection of the author’s writings on a variety of topics related to research within the academic domain of deaf studies.
Please note that this is not meant to be a site to attack people, so flaming and being rude will not be tolerated or accepted. Hence, the author reserves the right to delete any comments or responses to the blogs that infringe upon the rights and dignity of others at his discretion.
While every effort is made to check the accuracy of the content and wording and message of the blog before publishing the blog, the author is not responsible for errors or misunderstandings.
The aim of this blog is to generate dialogue around educational research in deaf studies with and amongst the reader and a wider audience on pertinent topics and issues.
This blog is intended to be a written form of dialogue of the author’s research journey and an invitation to the reader to partner with the author on this journey.
Sharing of blog posts with others needs the author’s prior permission and has to correctly quoted and hyperlinked. All intellectual property used by the author in the blog remains the author’s property.
For the sake of good ethical practice in discussing research in this blog, any information about the sites of research, participants and details that could jeopardise the identity and anonymity of participants needs to be maintained. This blog is a general blog about issues in deaf studies and deaf education in a general manner rather than focusing on a specific setting. And for this reason, responses need to adhere to this principle by leaving out any details such as names that could incriminate others. Avoid being personal and use of personal content of others in the discussions.
Now that I have said all this necessary legal stuff, I want to encourage you to participate in the dialogue that the blogs generate and look forward to your responses to the blogs through your questions and thoughts, comments and related experiences and insights that you bring and share here.  
Guy Mcilroy
March 2013

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